inviPay is the exclusive provider of micro-factoring to:

Why did we create inviPay?

For entrepreneurs of small to medium-sized companies


With us you will accelerate payment on your account receivable. Settle an account payable with a receivable and take advantage of free payment monitoring. Additionally, in moments of excess liquidity, you can settle your payables before maturity in return for additional revenue.

How does it work?

The fastest way to settle
transactions in just 3 steps!

1. Registration

Completely free.
Takes 3 minutes.
No subscription fees.

2. Upload the invoice

In just three clicks you can instruct
payment of funds to be made.

3. Disbursement of funds

Money in your account the next day.

Our Products

Invoice financing and netting.
Safe and easy.


Invoice financing. Say no more to long-term payments! Don’t wait until your client pays for your invoice. Hand it to inviPay and quicken the payment. You’ll receive the funds in just 24 hours from invoice confirmation.


Payables financing. For our regular customers, who have had 50 000 PLN worth of receivables financed, we provide a 10 000 PLN limit on extending the payment date of payables by up to 120 days.

Briskly swap your invoices for money ==> Swap your invoices for money now. Hassle free.


“inviPay, a Polish startup operating in the microfinance industry, has exceeded PLN 200 million in turnover, the company said. In 2018, InviPay plans further intensive development of technologies and offers on the domestic market and is preparing for foreign expansion. “


“ING Bank Śląski started cooperation with – a Polish fintech startup offering microfacing” – said the bank.


“inviPay is fighting with liquidity issues that plague many businesses. The technological company clears the cash flows of its clients through a combination of technology and microfactoring. “

We are the best!

We have gained
the trust of over 4000 clients.


Your benefits:

  • Cash out your invoices whenever you need it, anywhere, anytime
  • Settle your payables with receivables — no need to use cash
  • You will be able to save up to 12.3% gross annually on costs by paying them early


Why inviPay:

  • We have already financed over PLN 250 million, serving over 4,000 customers
  • We are the exclusive provider of micro-factoring services at Alior Bank and Bank Pocztowy
  • We are a Polish company growing thanks to Polish investors