inviPay is the exclusive provider of micro-factoring to:

Our Offer

Tailored to your company

We improve company cash flow. We have created a platform that will increase the ability to timely fulfil your company’s obligations and improve the payment habits of your clients. It makes it easier to plan your company’s expenses. You limit the risk of your clients’ insolvency.

Basic Offer

Quickly swap
invoices for money

  • You add an invoice to the inviPay system
  • Instruct payment of funds from the invoice to be made
  • inviPay verifies the credibility of the contractor (in over 30 business sources, in 30 seconds)
  • inviPay confirms the invoice to the contractor
  • inviPay disburses funds

Thanks to this your funds can arrive the very next day!

Basic offer


  • You add an account receivable and account payable to the inviPay system
  • You order the netting service
  • inviPay settles the payable with the receivable

You save valuable time and can cover your costs without having the funds in you account.

Special offer

Dynamic Bonus

For customers with excess fluidity

  • Settle your payable before it’s due date
  • inviPay pays the cost invoice according to its date
  • For the period before the due date in which inviPay has the funds, we pay you a 12.3% gross invoice bonus. 12.3% per annum.

Thanks to this you can cut costs and improve the quality of your products

Offer for our regulars

Extending the payment date
of a payable

For our regular customers who have settled a minimum of PLN 50,000 in the basic service, we grant a limit of PLN 10,000 finance their payables.

  • you add an invoice to the inviPay system
  • you choose the extension service
  • inviPay pays your client for the invoice and extends your payment date up to 120 days

You save yourself and your company valuable time