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Improving cash flow

Get paid without waiting for the payment date or late payments from your customers.

You decide which invoices you want to settle, when you want to be get paid and in what amounts.

We know that relationships with customers are extremely important in any business area. For that reason, allows you to boost cash flow without resorting to debt collection. In addition, you can transfer the risk of not being paid onto

How to withdraw money?


Upload your invoices

Upload an invoice or import it from your accounting sofware


We verify the invoice

Once we verify your invoice, we contact your customer to confirm the payment


Fund your invoice

You receive the payment directly to your bank account and we manage the settlement with your client

Extension of payment deadline

Pay for your company costs whenever it is convenient. If you want, you can prolong the payment deadline for your purchases by 4 months.

If you repay the purchase invoice before the date of payment – you will receive a bonus of 10% per annum for each day ahead of schedule.

You can pay your purchase invoice with your sales invoices using only 3 clicks and without involving any of your money.

Improve the relationships with your clients – they are always paid on time by, and you pay at a convenient time.

How to pay using the sales invoice?



You don’t have to use your company cash to pay for purchases from suppliers cooperating with



You register your sales invoices and you decide what amount you want to allocate on cost of purchase.


Settle will settle your purchases and sales. The difference can be paid into your bank account.

How much does it cost?

Free up the money of your company and use them freely through


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