inviPay is the exclusive provider of micro-factoring to:


How much does it cost?

We have prepared a set of products for you, each of which will accelerate and improve the operations of your business.

Quickly swap
invoices for money

commission 0,13% /day

  • counted from the date of invoice order to the invoice maturity date
  • minimum fee per transaction: 2%

Netting - Settle your payables
using receivables

commission 0,09% /day

  • minimum fee per transaction: 1.5%

Extend the payment date
of your account payables

commission 0,1% /day

  • Counted from the payment date of your account payable
  • charged every 15 days

PLN 0/ fee for granting a limit of up to PLN 15 000

PLN 150 /fee for granting a limit in the amount of PLN 15 000 to PLN 30 000 on one relationship, payable once every six months

PLN 300 / fee for granting the limit in the amount of PLN 30 000 to PLN 200 000 on one relationship, payable once every six months


The benefits of our offer

Many companies charge more for it. We do not.
  • end to cash flow problems
  • end to long payment dates
  • safe non-cash transactions
  • quick exchange of invoices for money
  • convenient-non-cash invoice settlement
  • dynamic bonus of 12.3% – that you earn
We care about your comfort


We know microfactoring like no other.
Join the group of customers who feel safe with us.

  • inviPay uses an SSL certificate
  • securing customer data in line with the RODO guidelines
  • cooperation with the National Debt Register
  • inviPay has acquired a certificate of a financially credible company